13 May 2020

Inauguration of the Corona Protection Point in Heidelberg City Hall

The Heidelberg City Hall now has a Corona prophylaxis station. The Corona Protection Point was officially inaugurated today in the town hall foyer in the presence of the press.

Excerpt from the official press release: 

Corona prophylaxis station: gesture-controlled screen and disinfectant dispenser

Hygiene measures hands on: In the foyer of the Heidelberg City Hall, the so-called “Corona Protection Point”, a corona prophylaxis station of the  company “AMERIA AG” has been in installed since Monday, 11 May 2020. This is a screen with a virtual presentation and a corresponding disinfectant dispenser. A virtual doctor explains interactively how to disinfect hands properly, demonstrates how to do it and invites you to participate.

The aim is to protect visitors to the town hall and employees from infection. Because the virus is only removed if the disinfectant is carefully rubbed into the hands for 45 seconds, even between the fingers. The device can be used by everyone who has an appointment at the town hall or the city hall.

Control by simple hand gestures 

The screen at the entrance to the town hall can be controlled by simple hand gestures. This enables interaction without the risk of infection. Other short explanatory videos provide general information about the Corona virus. The screen also provides background information, for example on the survival time of the virus on surfaces. Further information is available online at https://virtualpromoter.com/de/protection-point/. Two further “Corona Protection Points” are installed at the Elisabeth-von-Thadden-Gymnasium in Heidelberg.

“Tips and information for everyday life with the Corona virus”.

Lord Mayor Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner and Albrecht Metter, founder and CEO of Ameria AG, presented the new device in the town hall on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. “The new, contact-free and therefore particularly hygienic information terminal is ideal for providing people with tips and information for everyday life with the Corona virus. In this way, we can teach citizens the correct application of the necessary hygiene measures”, said Prof. Dr. Würzner and confirmed: “The station is one of the building blocks with which we can contribute to containing the pandemic”.

Albrecht Metter explained: “With the gesture-controlled Corona Protection Point, we want to enable authorities, shops and schools to move quickly and safely out of the lock down. The full-service package offers interactive information and hands on hygiene measures.”. Mayor Wolfgang Erichson attended the event.