Corona Info Point
Interactive Information without Risk of Infection



  • Information on measures for slowing down the spread of the Corona virus
  • Education and information for citizens, employees and visitors


Why Virtual Promoter?
  • Gesture controlled Info Point – contactless information without risk of infection
  • Info Point can be updated in real time with the latest developments and instructions
  • Following the information of the Robert Koch Institute
Application Areas
  • Wherever the general public should be informed about current developments and codes of conduct
  • Anywhere where a large groups of people come together
  • University hospitals & hospitals
  • Public spaces such as town halls
  • Entrance areas of companies

Our Offer

Virtual Promoter Info Point

84” screen with contactless gesture control

Application for educating the general public about the Corona virus and codes of conduct:
  • How to properly sanitize & wash hands
  • Keeping hands away from the face
  • Sneezing / coughing into the crook of the arm
  • Avoiding events, gatherings, large crowds
  • Keeping a distance to other people
Incl. video tutorial
Incl. content updates about daily developments
Integrated user statistics
Price: 2.950 € / month
(1 month trial, then extension to 6 month)

Virtual Promoter is instantly ready for you!
We take care of hardware, content, delivery and operation.

Medical and scientific advisor: Prof. Dr. med. Hans Peter Zenner , University of Tübingen

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