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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019​
The Festival of Speed is the largest motoring garden party in the world. Porsche chose this year’s festival to present the new Porsche Driver’s Selection via Virtual Promoter. ​Users had the opportunity to view the different sportswear collections on the Virtual Promoter screen and have them displayed on a 360° virtual model.​
HARIBO Roadshows
HARIBO uses Virtual Promoter within campaign driven roadshows at Galeria Kaufhof all over Germany to accompany new product launches. ​In addition, Virtual Promoter is used all over the year in the HARIBO City Store Bonn.​
LEGO Product Launches​
Lego relies on Virtual Promoters for product launches and to explain specific product lines. ​This ensures playful interaction for young and elder users in the toy departments of Galeria Kaufhof and Toys R Us.​
Digital Instore Activation for Henkel​
"We never had such a strong sales uplift for this category and the retailer perception was very positive“.​ International Trade Marketing Director & Global Export Steering LHC International Sales Unit
Allianz Heß-Club-Forum 2019​
"With Virtual Promoter we have gained an excellent impression of how the agency of the future can be digitized in a playful and, above all, sustainable way, while benefiting from tailor-made cloud solutions".​ Daniela Grentrup, Change Management, Allianz AG
Mask Group 397
Promotion of land excursions
Permanent Virtual Promoter installations on bord "Mein Schiff Herz" feature Bettina Cramer as TUI Cruises ambassador. In a fun and interactive way, shore excursions are promoted while quizes and gamification help generate brand awareness.​
John Deere
Product promotion at Frankfurt Airport​ ​
Pop-up area featuring Virtual Promoter invites passengers to go on an interactive journey to experience John Deere products.​ Interactive product presentation (360° view), custom games with high score, and an integrated photo box for lead generation guarantee an unforgettable moment. ​
Daimler Purpose
Purpose Management
Under the motto "First Move the World" Dieter Zetsche published the new purpose of Mercedes-Benz in 2017 on LinkedIn. As a tool to do so Daimler uses the powerful effect of Virtual Promoter in their Purpose Activation Office. ​
Internal Communication
The Hidden Champion not only uses Virtual Promoter in its Headquarters to introduce visitors to the world of Röchling, but also for PR for example in museum exhibitions.​ Röchling recognizes and enjoys the versatility of the tool.
Promotion of Porsche Center App​
Virtual Promoter, placed in the entrance area of Porsche centers and showrooms, explains in a step-by-step walkthrough how to install and use the “Porsche Center App”. Virtual Promoter also serves to inform customers about events, specials or to promote new car launches.​
Real Estate Marketing 2.0​
Marketing of a residential complex during construction directly on site with Virtual apartment tour (360° view), photo box and Lead generation.​ Immerse yourself in the virtual world and visit the apartment on site before it is built.
Sports Goods Promotion​
Virtual Promoter at engelhorn sports promotes the different product lines, special offers and services.​ With the integrated photo box the user has the possibility to take a photo with a virtual athlete and then digitally take it with him-/herself.​
Mackevision (2)
Company events and many more
Whether in the context of conferences, in the entrance area or during company events - Mackevision uses Virtual Promoter in many ways in the context of internal corporate communication.
Microsoft - ist von
Visitor Welcoming
​Virtual Promoters serves for visitor welcoming, information as well as a guidance system.​ Microsoft particularly values the visitor tracking and analytics.
Stadt Heidelberg
Virtual Promoter is used in the town hall of Heidelberg as part of the initiative #GetTheMayor.​ The mayor, as a virtual person, welcomes visitors and promotes online services in fun interactive way.​
Uniklinik Essen
Visitor Welcoming and Guidance
The chief physician of the clinic, as a virtual person, welcomes visitors with the help of Virtual Promoter.​ A wayfinding system helps patients and visitors navigate the facilities. Virtual Promoter also educates on different treatment options and surgical techniques.
K 2019 – Röchling
Röchling makes use of Virtual Promoter in order to emotionalize the presentation of their products and to make them tangible.​ ​Products in need of explanation can be easily explained and visualized.​
Recruiting at HR Fairs
“With AMERIA's Virtual Promoter we are building a new digital channel with which we can generate maximum attention and contacts at HR fairs and other events.”​ ​Andy Abel, Head of Digital Development, RPR Unternehmensgruppe​
EuroShop 2017​
"At the EuroShop, Microsoft's exhibition booth generated two thirds of its leads via Virtual Promoter."​ Xenia Giese – Industry Solution Executive Retail & Consumer Good
BMW IT Fair, Munich 2019​
Users experience the history of the partnership between Accenture and BMW through playful interaction and can take away a selfie as a souvenir.​ Doing so, Accenture generates valuable leads.​
AOK Systems
AOK Systems Information Day 2019​
With the right game, everyone becomes a child again. ​During the AOK Systems information day, Virtual Promoter provided a lot of variety in the conference program. ​
DMEA 2019 - Bewatec
"The BEWATEC Virtual Promoter was particularly well received by the trade fair audience. It's a great channel to promote our new ConnectedCare App to our visitors."​ Stefan Bense, Head of Supply Chain Management BEWATEC Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Digital Finance Forum 2019
Game contest with Virtual Promoter at the Digital Finance Forum at the Classic Car Refugium in Stuttgart. ​Even giving his best, Johannes Bitter, goalkeeper and captain of TVB Stuttgart and world champion of 2007 couldn't beat the high score.
Blechexpo Stuttgart 2019​
H.P. Kaysser uses Virtual Promoter not only in the entrance area. ​Virtual Promoter was also the central tool at their booth at Blechexpo to innovatively communicate products and services to visitors.
Stadt Heidelberg
City of Heidelberg: Forum "Digital City"
The city of Heidelberg is on its way to becoming a "digital city" and is looking for answers to many related questions. ​Heidelberg wants to use innovative and intelligent technologies such as Virtual Promoter to further increase the attractiveness of the city for its citizens.​ ​
Mask Group 404@2x
KINO 2018 / The Cinema Congress​
Virtual Promoter at the Kinokongress 2018 in Baden Baden. ​Even Deadpool was particularly fascinated and wanted to experience it at all costs.​
Porsche Handelskongress
German Retail Congress 2016​
Porsche made use of its booth at the German Retail Congress to show visitors Virtual Promoter and the Porsche Center App.​ Thus, they have demonstrated exemplarily how Porsche is revolutionizing the digital showroom experience in Porsche centers and showrooms worldwide. ​
South by Southwest®
South by Southwest® (SXSW®) celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. ​Virtual Promoter represented in the "German House" among other tools the newest interactive technologies from Germany. Guy Kawasaki, former Apple's Chief Evangelist, was specially impressed.
Baden W+àrttemberg International-Expo Real
Baden-Württemberg International​
Baden Württemberg International has used Virtual Promoter on their booth at Expo Real 2015 to represent the state of Baden-Württemberg emotionally with all its facets.​ The visitors had a lot of fun getting to know the region in this way.​
oxid esales
Oxid esales, dmexco 2017​
Virtual Promoter at the booth of oxid esales showed the visitors how offline and online channels are seamlessly connected.​ Virtual Promoter as a gateway to the digital world in stationary retail effectively routes the user to the online shop.​
Fiducia GAD, COM 16​
Use of Virtual Promoter with VRoni, the virtual financial assistant, at the in-house exhibition COM 16 in Karlsruhe. ​Since then, Virtual Promoter has been used at the Innovation Forum in Münster and at hackathons with CX Composer.​
Tengelmann Ventures E-Day​
During the Tengelmann E-Day, the Online Pure Player demonstrated the potential of using Virtual Promoter in physical retail stores and to connect online and offline channels this way.​ This approach has been very well received by the visitors.
Diebold Nixdorf
Banking Conference Diebold Nixdorf
Virtual Promoter at Diebold Nixdorf's banking conference to show their customers from the finance industry how digital customer dialogue in the banking sector will work in the future. ​The experts were amazed to see the possibilities Virtual Promoter offers to bring the frequency back to the branch. ​
Increasing shop frequency​
Virtual Promoter invites passers-by to come inside increasing the frequency into DER travel stores​. Destination highlights and special vacation offers are showcased interactively.​ ​
Product introduction by Virtual Tech-Nick ​
Virtual Tech-Nick introduces and creates awareness for new products of the manufacturers Microsoft, Kärcher, Remington and Withings. In a relaxed and familiar way, shoppers can interact and learn about the advantages of the individual products.
Deutsche Bank
Increasing shop frequency​
Virtual Promoter reacts to passers-by and addresses them in a targeted way.​ Presentation of services and edutainment. Gamification in form of a quiz makes learning finance facts fun.
GS1 Experience Center​ ​
Virtual promoter presented as a prominent touchpoint along GS1's vision of the new cross-channel, seamless shopping journey.​ Here, the future of retail is shaped by the sharpest minds in the industry.
MFG Baden W+àrttemberg
Book Fair Frankfurt ​
Virtual Promoter at the booth of MFG Baden-Württemberg "Ideentanke" at the Frankfurt Book Fair. ​Between all the books Virtual Promoter was ablo to provide a lot of excitement.​
Real Estate Marketing 2.0
Virtual Promoters placed in a highly frequented shopping mall as a satellite for marketing and promotion of newly built flats.​ Lead generation and ability to reach the target group in an innovative and interactive way.
accenture / Mackevision​
Accenture takes a holistic approach that combines creative, content, data and technological expertise to translate brand vision and business goals into customer engagement strategies and business results. ​To do this, they rely on Virtual Promoter and respective cloud services since 2017.​
Messerli Group / Expoformer AG​
Messerli Group / Expoformer AG is the exclusive country partner of AMERIA for the swiss market since 2018. Based on the Virtual Promoter Cloud Services, they create their own content for their Swiss customers and operate the devices independently. ​Expoformer AG has also succeeded in developing an outdoor version of Virtual Promoter that runs on AMERIA's ecosystem.​
With over 30 years of experience in full-service event production, epicto belongs to the pioneers of the audio-visual-media world. ​For instance, epicto implemented for John Deere an experience at Frankfurt Airport based on the Virtual Promoter ecosystem.​
FULLHAUS is dedicated to transforming the point of sale of its customers into a convincing and sales-boosting point of emotion. For this purpose FULLHAUS relies on the emotionalising effect of Virtual Promoter. ​FULLHAUS has been working successfully with the Virtual Promoter Cloud Services, CX Composer and CX Manager, since 2017 and inspires its customers with the results. ​
ppm factum
ppm factum is the exclusive country partner of AMERIA for the czech and slovenian market since 2016. As one of the leading promotion agencies in the Czech market, ppm factum is an expert in creating experiences at the point of sale that will lead to sales success. ​They trust in the power and impact of Virtual Promoter to offer to their customers. ​
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