22 April 2020

Protection in times of Corona

Device for touchless interaction from software specialist in Heidelberg

Schutz in Zeiten von Corona

AMERIA AG – Corona Protection Point (picture source: @ AMERIA AG)

Heidelberg, 21.04.2020 – The corona crisis is posing new questions for the economy. When shops reopen and companies go back to work, they will have to comply with strict legal requirements to protect customers and employees. The Corona Protection Point of the software company AMERIA in Heidelberg makes a significant contribution to this. The device can help to further reduce the spread of the virus.

Contactless control without risk of infection

After the office of notary Dr. Niklas Hagedorn in Heidelberg has resumed daily business, everything seems to be like before. But there is one difference: Even before clients enter the waiting area, they see the Corona Protection Point. A virtual doctor welcomes the visitors and demonstrates how to disinfect their hands properly. Visitors can help themselves to the integrated touch-free disinfectant dispenser and follow along right away. Further information is provided interactively. The important difference here is that all interactions take place without direct contact via simple hand gestures that control a cursor on the screen.

“This is basically a corona prophylaxis station,” says notary Dr. Niklas Hagedorn. “We use it to optimally protect our clients and employees from infection. After all, no one has to touch a dispenser with disinfectant or even a touch screen anymore. That is ingenious.”

The video shows how easy it is:


With the alternative to touch screens back to public life

In the past, AMERIA AG has already supported well-known companies and public institutions with similar products such as the Virtual Promoter to digitize interactions with visitors and customers. In times of Corona, the expertise of the software specialist is now becoming a valuable asset to help companies in every industry to get back to normal.

Albrecht Metter, the CEO of AMERIA AG, is pleased: “We are specialists for contactless gesture control. Touch is dead! The technology in the Corona Protection Point offers disinfection and information without touching anything. It is a technology that is not only hygienic and contemporary, people also enjoy it.”

The new device is currently in great demand: many schools, universities and commercial enterprises in various industries are interested. The potential beyond its use as Corona Protection Points is great. As Albrecht Metter says once again: “Companies and public institutions are looking for new ways to communicate information interactively at their locations. This will no longer be possible in the next few years with touchscreens, which have been the standard to date. This is where AMERIA can essentially help with its flexible technology for contactless interaction”.

Current information and important notes available

The Corona Protection Point is always up to date in practical use – new content is added via the cloud using an Internet connection. This means that the device not only offers immediate, effective protection, but also up-to-date information, for example recommendations from the Robert Koch Institute or guidelines on distance rules.

Companies such as Dr. Hagedorn’s notary’s office do not have to worry about anything, the use of the device is very simple: After installation, the device is immediately ready to use. In addition, individualized content such as company-specific information can also be uploaded.

There are two versions of the Corona Protection Point: the “Compact” version for wall mounting and the free-standing “Enterprise” version for larger areas. You can find more information here: Corona Protection Point

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